Creative Lenses Forum will explore innovative business models in the arts

Creative Lenses Forum Innovative business models in the arts 13/10/16 University of the Arts London

Times of austerity can foster great art, but have the past few years led to innovation in the business models that support it? A forthcoming event at Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London will look at exactly that question by exploring business model innovation of independent arts venues and performing arts organisations. Read the full article…

Investor Series – what is your productivity like and what you should aim for

One of the criticisms levelled against the Creative Industries is that productivity levels are too low. In response, companies need to become expert not only in creating intellectual property but also in developing multiple income streams using the same property.

If you develop ideas for multiple income streams and build them into your mid to long term forecasts then you’ll be starting to get into interesting territory from a VC’s point of view.