Can the Christmas staff party give you more than a hangover?

Hopefully it’s not too early to ask you “what’s the point of a Christmas staff party?” You’re probably starting to plan one even if it is just drinks after work one evening.
There are some obvious things like thanking the staff and freelancers for their hard work, relief that you’ve got through a tough year etc. etc.
However, if you’re smart, there are some other messages you could be communicating and feedback you could be soliciting.

The IoD’s take on how to be a grade A failure

Here’s an article we came across this morning from the Institute of Directors. They argue that many great entrepreneurs have failed their way  to success and that the key characteristics include: Ambition Activity Astigmatism Amplification Aphorism Abidance We like it for it’s honesty that the path to success is rarely a straight line and that Read the full article…

Non-business books & films

If you listened to all the business advisors recommendations of books & strategies you’d never get to the bottom of the pile. Personally there’s only so much of that stuff I can handle and I’ve rather reached the ‘tastes good but I couldn’t eat a whole one’ stage. There are however lots of non-business books Read the full article…