Can the Christmas staff party give you more than a hangover?

Hopefully it’s not too early to ask you “what’s the point of a Christmas staff party?” You’re probably starting to plan one even if it is just drinks after work one evening.
There are some obvious things like thanking the staff and freelancers for their hard work, relief that you’ve got through a tough year etc. etc.
However, if you’re smart, there are some other messages you could be communicating and feedback you could be soliciting.

What is a Small, Medium or Large customer or project for you?

What would constitute a small, medium or large order of your products? For example if you are a product designer with 8-10 items in your range: –    what would make up a typical small first order from a new shop? Should there be a minimum order below which it is not really worth your while? Read the full article…

Do I, don’t I, do I need an office?

How do you work out whether you need an office or studio space? It’s a significant part of your cost base if you do so it’s worth looking at the pros & cons. If you don’t what are the reasonable substitutes? If you do how do you choose? Questions to ask yourself: Do I mostly Read the full article…