Are you sweating your assets?

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One of the truisms about comedy around, well, almost anything really is that it must be based in fact.  Buzzwords, and phrases that use them – like sweating your assets – really do come from a place of business sense;  and not just the sensible play of buzzword-bingo in the hour-too-long management meeting after lunch on Read the full article…

Mid week MyCake: Boost business and income before Christmas

Ok so there are five weeks to go before the Christmas holidays. Still plenty of time to boost business and increase your income before Christmas. You just need to get your priorities in order. (Maybe you’ll want to reorder these to suit your business and the time/budget you have available but this is what we Read the full article…

MyCake Benchmark Bulletin 5: changing cost base in a recession

One of the questions that MyCake is asked on a regular basis is how are creative entrepreneurs weathering the recession? So we dedicated the recent Benchmark Bulletin 5 to answering that question, making comparisons between the 2008-9 (referred to as 2009) and the 2009-10 (2010 from here on) to see if we could spot trends in how creative businesses Read the full article…

Investor Series – what is your productivity like and what you should aim for

One of the criticisms levelled against the Creative Industries is that productivity levels are too low. In response, companies need to become expert not only in creating intellectual property but also in developing multiple income streams using the same property.

If you develop ideas for multiple income streams and build them into your mid to long term forecasts then you’ll be starting to get into interesting territory from a VC’s point of view.