Links to the case studies presented in Beirut

This post is really to provide a set of links to the various case studies presented in Beirut to the Bader creative entrepreneurs but of course it’s also a ‘help yourself’ moment for everyone else ūüôā DIY Kyoto – the Wattson energy monitor … and our case study Sugru – hack things better Concentrate – Read the full article…

Investor Series – what is your productivity like and what you should aim for

One of the criticisms levelled against the Creative Industries is that productivity levels are too low. In response, companies need to become expert not only in creating intellectual property but also in developing multiple income streams using the same property.

If you develop ideas for multiple income streams and build them into your mid to long term forecasts then you’ll be starting to get into interesting territory from a VC’s point of view.

Investment Readiness … using MyCake to help you prepare

If you’re preparing your business plan for discussions with investors, banks or other backers you can be sure that you’ll need to be able to show some quite detailed financial projections. Good news: you can use the data you hold in MyCake to do some scenario planning and ‘what if’ thinking before you start on the heavy excel stuff.

Briefing investors with your management accounts

One of the things that helps build trust and confidence with stakeholders is the ability to tell them how you are doing, especially vs. previous expectations or commitments that you‚Äôve made. This is not to say that you should simply open your books to them in their glorious detail but instead you should be able to extract the relevant information and keep them updated…

Going for investment: demonstrating best in class performance

Investors can be a fairly demanding bunch when it comes to asking for financial forecasts, profitability and productivity information, exploitation of Intellectual Property for commercial gain etc. If you‚Äôre not prepared for it you can find yourself fighting with spreadsheets until the wee hours trying to extract information from a dozen different places. MyCake can help you with this…