Roadmap to a successful creative business

Do you wish you had a roadmap for creating a successful and enjoyable business without killing your creative passion? Lateral Action is running its amazing ‘The Creative Entrepreneur’ course again. The course is all about business and online marketing skills for creative people and has proven invaluable for anyone building a global small business around their creative passions.  Read the full article…

The art of doing remarkable things

Why is it so hard to pursue our dreams, and get started on the creative challenges that mean so much to us? How can we overcome our inner Resistance to doing the things that matter?

If you care about your work, and are trying to achieve something remarkable, this is an interview you want to download and listen to again and again.

Roadmap to an enjoyable and lucrative small business

We’re excited to bring you a special offer to Lateral Action’s Entrepreneur Roadmap Course “How to have a great life and a great business”.  It’s the path taken by unlikely candidates – a poet, a cartoonist, and a writer – on the way to business success. Based on their experience of having built a multi-million dollar business Read the full article…