Using statistics to get the most out of your clients…(among other tricks)

This post is a case study from Phil Nicholas, a music industry professional managing Emily Barker (a folk artist) and running a record label to release her music. It is a time of rapid change in the music industry. Tried and tested ways of reaching customers, the products themselves and income streams for artists and Read the full article…

Preparing for your self-assessment tax return in MyCake

Quite a few folks have been using MyCake to prepare their books for a tax return this month so we thought we’d do a post on a couple of the functions you’ll need to have set up in the software in order for it to show the right figures in the right places in the Read the full article…

What should you look at monthly in your finances?

Just in case you hadn’t realised this – doing you book-keeping is for your benefit not the tax man’s!

Sorry to shout but it’s not about doing your books because you have to for tax purposes. It’s about doing your books so that you can use the information to help you make better decisions about your business.

This means that you should be doing your books at least once a month so that you have up to date information!