5 minutes with Marion on Customers and Sales in MyCake

Marion thoroughly enjoyed making the introduction demo for our MyCake community so before heading off on maternity leave Marion gave us the gift of two more screencast demos to show you which functions to consider first of all when setting up your MyCake account. To help you to get your finances in order we are Read the full article…

How to Navigate the “Exposure Economy”

In the digital age, our unpaid intellectual contributions to cyberspace put us all in the business of lead generation. We are ultimately casting our insights and ideas as fishermen cast their baited lines into a dark and deep sea. We are fishing for opportunities, unsure of exactly what we might catch, but cautiously optimistic nonetheless

Does the world need more cushions?

Cushions are relatively inexpensive to make (assuming you’re a textile designer) and in part this is because they use relatively small amounts of fabric and the design is straightforward. However there are a lot of cushions in the world and that makes it hard for your design to stand out or for those who’ve already purchased a house full of cushions to feel the need for any more.

Turnover & Indirect Costs

This post is a complement to the analysis undertaken for Artquest in the March – May 2010 newsletters. For more details on our partnership with Artquest click here. Remember – a short column is a good thing in this graph … you don’t want to spend too much of your income on your overheads! The Read the full article…

Using statistics to get the most out of your clients…(among other tricks)

This post is a case study from Phil Nicholas, a music industry professional managing Emily Barker (a folk artist) and running a record label to release her music. It is a time of rapid change in the music industry. Tried and tested ways of reaching customers, the products themselves and income streams for artists and Read the full article…