Tax Return – how to avoid the January panic

Should the 31st October deadline for paper tax returns be the mental deadline for all of us?

Tax Return

So the deadline for paper filing of tax returns is looming on the 31st October, but some people argue that this should be your deadline even if you complete your tax return online. Why? In part to avoid that January panic and also to allow us enough time to plan for any payments that will need to be made by the 31st January.

So what should you be doing now:

Look at your schedule for October and work out where you can free up 2 days to complete your tax return. If you are organised you won’t need that long, if you haven’t entered a single receipt into MyCake since last January, you might need a bit more. If you can’t spare any time during the day, what can you spare – early mornings (these days I feel I can think better in the morning), evenings, or a weekend? Schedule this time into your diary and whatever you do, don’t shirk it at the last minute.

Plan a treat for yourself once you have completed the tax return. Whether it is a bit of retail therapy or a trip to a new exhibition, decide what will act as a good carrot for yourself and commit to only doing it once your tax return is filled.

Now pat yourself on the back for 5 minutes of work that will help you to avoid the January panic.

Moral support?

In the spirit of sharing, I will now do these two things myself and I’ll post it in the comments section below. That was you guys can hold me to it! Please also share your commitment and we can look forward to being smug in January rather than having that horrible sinking feeling of dread that normally happens!

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