Tell us who needs a slice of MyCake in ‘my referrals’


Calling everyone in the MyCake community

At MyCake we run a referrals initiative to help spread finance peace to all creatives and reward our loyal advocates

MyCake exists to help your business go from strength to strength by managing your finances simply and easily – MyCake also means you have more space in your day to be creative.

As you grow and blossom in business we want to grow with you.

Who do you know that needs rescuing from their spreadsheets? We can offer them a new way of managing their finances with MyCake so they can take control of their money sooner rather than later.

How it works?

You can suggest as many people as you like. Every friend who purchases a MyCake license will earn you £20 each, we will reward you for a maximum of 4 friends who purchase a license within 12 months. So that’s over 40% off for you when you renew your license.  There is also an extra bonus for our top referrer – just keep reading! TELL US WHO needs MyCake

Tell us who by signing into your MyCake account and completing the ‘my referrals’ form located top of the list to the right on your login screen.



Press Edit and for each form just add in contact name, company name, email address, telephone number and leave a comment (your message to your friend). Once you’ve entered their details and pressed save you will be able to check the status of your referee and manage your referrals list.


When you have given us this permission to contact your friends, we will contact them on your behalf.
It’s the way you tell ’em!

What can you put in ‘your comments’ to get your friend on board:

– “start using MyCake to sail through your next tax return”

– “it works for me – should be easy for you too”

– “you get MyCake 12 months for the price of 10, I’ll get 12 months for the price of 11 and buy you a drink to celebrate…”


We’re looking for a speedy and talented top MyCake referrer!

So whoever gets 5 friends putting their money where their mouth is in a single year gets a free benchmark consultation with Sarah (1.5 hours about understanding how to use your financial data to inform your business strategy) and almost 30% off your next year’s license!

Don’t forget MyCake’s facebook page is a great place to showcase your business to the rest of the community and our blog readers and if you’d like your business to feature in a blog post email

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