Ten years since the Kylie white hooded dress, now it’s your turn

Fee Doran who runs Mrs Jones is well known for playing dress up with popstars from Kylie to the Killers, Claire Maguire to the Scissor Sisters. The good news is that her Emporium is having a party on the 1st of April and you too can dress up in popstar gear. MyCake founder Sarah is a bit of a regular there and will be wearing one of Fee’s frocks when she meets Elie Saab in a couple of weeks time in Beirut. So if you’ve ever seen Sarah at her most outrageous now you know where she gets it from 😉

You can expect that lots of creatives and artists will be there and in general a crowd of very interesting people. Lady Double You will also be in attendance, you should check out her shoes whilst stocks last. Collaborations emerging before your very eyes … pretty magical really.

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