Testing out the market: Fashion

One of the key challenges new fashion businesses face is that of reaching their customers.

Since the recession retailers have become more risk averse when it comes to trying out new brands and for a label which wants to position itself above the high street then a stall in a market just won’t cut it.

In areas like Shoreditch in London where retail spaces are available on relatively short term leases there is a great deal of churn and thus a variety of opportunities for young designers to test market their collections.

One example of this is SeventyFive… you can find it at 75 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DJ in Shoreditch and you’ll discover that each designer only shows here for one to three months on a consignment basis.

This gives the retailer the opportunity to continue to offer new goods which draws customers back in regularly. It also limits the risk they take with any one designer.

The flip side is that they they have to work very hard to deliver a consistent brand image themselves. Indeed the reason it stands out as a retailer is because they achieve this very tight edit and strongly curated look.

Yvonne Fuchs (of the Branding Workshop) and I paid them a visit …

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