The art of doing remarkable things

  • Why is it so hard to pursue our dreams, and get started on the creative challenges that mean so much to us?
  • How can we overcome our inner Resistance to doing the things that matter?
  • What rewards can we expect from persevering in the face of difficulties?
  • What are the creative opportunities — and pitfalls — of social media and digital publishing?

These are some of the questions Lateral Action’s Mark McGuinness put to bestselling author Steven Pressfield in this fascinating audio seminar about the creative process and the life lessons he’s learned

If you only read one book about creativity, I tell my clients, make it The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

It contains the distilled wisdom of a bestselling novelist and Hollywood screenwriter, who has both the scars and trophies of a life spent wrestling with creative challenges.

This book has been an inspiration to me for years, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak to Steven. In the course of our hour-long conversation, Steve was extremely generous with his ideas, and unflinchingly candid about some of mistakes he has made on his own journey, and what he has learned from them. He’s a terrific raconteur, using stories about his own experiences and drawing analogies with the lives and works of other creators. And the lessons he draws from them are full of hard-won wisdom.

If you care about your work, and are trying to achieve something remarkable, this is an interview you want to download and listen to again and again.

Download the Pressfield Audio.

About the Author: Mark McGuinness is a poet, creative coach and co-founder of Lateral Action.

Photo of Steven Pressfield by Nancy Roberts.


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