The value of benchmarking when the past is not an indicator of the future

We’ve been talking to various people who are considering using the Culture Benchmark because they are going through significant infrastructural change. The challenge for an organisation who is refurbishing their building or moving into new and different facilities.

The challenge here is that if you’ve been running a 350 seater theatre and you will soon have a 600 seater arts centre with additional galleries, cafe etc then how do you work out what the new revenue model will look like?

Well it probably won’t be a multiple of what you did previously so if your old accounts aren’t the best guide as to how the future will pan out where do you go for more appropriate models? Well because the Culture Benchmark contains data on several hundred non-profit arts organisations one of the things we can do is compare your old model & data to a profile of the organisation you intend to become. When we do this we filter all the data we have to make a specific comparison using only the data sets of organisations that fit the profile you’ve chosen. So, for example, you could choose to compare yourself to only performing arts based organisations with a turnover of more than £1m and with income from shop/cafe of more than 5% of total turnover. Alternatively you could compare your organisation to those data sets that show that the organisation has received capital monies in the last year i.e. other organisations who’ve changed their model because their building has changed.

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