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A nugget of wisdom on the Freelance Switch blog – from the interview with Briant Grant, creative director at Anisometric…

In bringing your freelance business up to speed, what was the biggest hurdle and how did you overcome it?

There are so many hurdles to overcome, however I think that the biggest and most salient is:
1.) You get paid
2.) You get paid on time.

I would always recommend using signed agreements and contracts, with a caveat. A contract is only as good as the parties that sign it. What that means is that you are dealing with a rogue who is determined to rip you off, then they will sign anything and say anything with the intention of breaking their word. We call them fly-by-nights…

One way is to stagger payments. A typical agreement for a website could be 25 percent payment after visuals shown, 50 percent payment after approved design, or 75 percent payment with build on our server. Or 100% payment and simultaneous transfer to clients domain. This way you get paid and the client also sees demonstrable evidence that the project is being completed, so all parties benefit..

Getting prices and payment terms agreed before you start any work is always a start. And especially if it is somebody that you know. Many good friendships have been ruined over such a small amount of money and simple misunderstandings.

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Q: what is or has been your biggest hurdle in getting your business up and running? leave a comment below…

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