Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up with MyCake

We are nurturing a nation of better bookkeepers

Built in to MyCake are lots of tips and advice for you to develop good practice in your bookkeeping.

Jazz up your business plan

MyCake’s reporting function can generate jazzy graphs and charts for your business plan to help you get more from your advisors and bank managers.

Easy peasy to use

You can use MyCake from anywhere in the world via the online (and pretty intuitive) interface. There’s no accounting jargon and fast & free support is on hand if you need it.

Two months for free – can’t say fairer than that!

Sign up is quick and easy so you can start improving the cash flow of your business straight away – there is no obligation to buy and after that it’s only £158.25/year exc VAT.

If you’re forever saying ‘I have no time for bookkeeping’

Once set up how you want it MyCake enables you to keep accurate records, and sends out reminders by email when an invoice becomes overdue. It’s like your very own finance assistant but never needs a holiday!

Go compare

MyCake is the only bookkeeping system that also has a benchmarking function built in giving you an insight into how your successes match up against the rest of the sector allowing for an anonymous and confidential comparison to other businesses.

Create a good impression

Your customers will be mega impressed with your professional and organised image once you start using MyCake for all your finances. You’ll find relationships with customers greatly improve if you’ve been in chaos up to this point! We’ve all been there.

We’ve got your back

There are so many eventualities to prepare for in business and storing your data securely is a biggie. MyCake’s security is comparable with online banking there is a daily backup of your data (so no more fretting about not having backed up your data yet or hours spent doing so).

Stay on top

You’ve got to be at the top of your game when it comes to cash flow in your business. MyCake seeks out all those unpaid invoices and if necessary there are pre-written reminder letters (3 of increasing severity) that can be programmed for launch when customers don’t pay.

Logical conclusion

MyCake is the logical part of your business so you don’t have to be. It holds all your information on customers and suppliers in one place and lets you ditch those sprawling and ever more complicated spreadsheets and files that can be accumulated over time in business.

So what better time than now to:

Sign up for 2 months free access