Turnover & Indirect Costs

This post is a complement to the analysis undertaken for Artquest in the March – May 2010 newsletters. For more details on our partnership with Artquest click here.

Remember – a short column is a good thing in this graph … you don’t want to spend too much of your income on your overheads!

The lesson in here is a simple one – there are some folks who are either in start up phase or have some investment so their cost base exceeds their income (anything over 100% on the graph). This is clearly unsustainable in the long term so the ones to emulate are those in yellow (ie with higher income) and in the average or minimum clusters on the graph.

Sounds daft but you don’t want to be in the brown column in the maximum section as this means you have very little income and yet your costs are way high!

If you’re a MyCake user you can benchmark your own data (rather than just look at these general results) from in the results section of the benchmark. See this post for a how to guide to reading your results.

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