Use your financial information to make better business decisions

Will you be using your financial data to help you plan for 2010 and make key business decisions in the coming months?

We are holding one-to-one sessions on 17th November 2009 for those of you who have been using MyCake for your bookkeeping for a year or more.

The session will help you understand how benchmarking works, how to decipher your benchmarking results and how you compare items such as:

  • hourly rates
  • income for the year
  • profit for the year
  • rent & rates expenditure
  • marketing costs
  • travel, phone and other indirect costs

Spaces are limited so sign up fast by sending an email to marion at mycake . org

Held at the Institute of Directors in London, each session will be 40 minutes and there is a small charge of £10 per session.

We look forward to seeing you.

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