Videos for organisations using the Birmingham Culture Dataset and the Culture Benchmark

As we’re about to launch all the data collecting work we’ve been doing with the Birmingham City Council Culture Commissioning team this post is for all those who’ll soon be submitting their data online.

We’ll be providing you with a handbook to take you through the process of entering data and analysing results but for now here are a set of videos talking you through the process. Enjoy!

We have split this into the following just so that no one video is too long!

Data entry for project funded organisations

BCC project funding data entry video 2014 from Sarah Thelwall on Vimeo.

Data entry for revenue funded organisations

BCC Revenue funded client data entry from Sarah Thelwall on Vimeo.

Data entry into the Culture Benchmark

Culture Benchmark for BCC funded from Sarah Thelwall on Vimeo.

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