Arts Council England: Lets Create: Opera and Music Theatre Analysis

Arts Council England

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In January 2023, Arts Council England announced that they would commission an independent analysis of the opera and music theatre sector in England (“the Analysis”). This was intended to gather up-to-date information on the wider operating context for the professional opera and music theatre sector in our country. It was also designed to provide a starting point for a conversation about how the Arts Council and the opera and music theatre sector can work together to ensure that the production and presentation ecology of this important artform can thrive in the 21st century. From their perspective, that conversation will be driven by the deep belief in the value of opera and music theatre and the people and companies that make it, and our conviction that it should play a distinctive and key role in the delivery of Let’s Create.

In May 2023, Arts Council England appointed independent research consultancy with DHA, working in partnership with The Audience Agency and with additional input from MyCake who provided financial benchmarking.

Please see here for further information and the Analysis Executive Summary and Report below.