Who we can help

Local & National Government

We can help both local and national government to examine the non-profit ecosystems of specific places. By analysing the data, we build a rich, detailed, and nuanced picture of what's going on financially in any particular geographic area.

Grant Funders & Social Investors

We help grant funders and social investors in a variety of ways, from evaluation of grant programmes, to analysis of potential grantees, and due diligence ahead of funding. We also provide monitoring of grantees and investees after funding.

Charities & Community Groups

We help charities and community groups to better understand and act upon financial data from comparative organisations. After all, if you understand the numbers better, you can make your money go further.

Creative Businesses & Entrepreneurs

We have years of experience of working with creative folk and entrepreneurs. We help them to understand what others in their industry are doing, based on solid financial data. Helping them to run their businesses, rather than letting their businesses run them.